Video Oral Histories


Compilation of interviews done on designers and my Japanese American relatives who were interned during World War 2.

1) Archive Activist: R Roger Remington,

This video oral history was made to find out about the chief master mind and design archivist, R Roger Remington, who co-created the Vignelli Center for Design Studies came to collect over 60 American Modernist Designers. Filmed in 2015, edited in 2016.


2) This Way, That Way: Keith Goddard.

This Way, That Way – Godard books demonstration

Video Oral History for Designer’s retrospective at Cooper Union, NYC and University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Demonstration of how designer’s books perform, as his limited editions could not be handled by the viewing public. Filmed and edited in 2005.


3) DesignInquiry 2004 Video interviews and testimonials given my designers attending conference at the Maine College of Art and Design. Headed up by Margo Halverson. Filmed in 2004, edited in 2005.


4) Video oral histories of my Japanese American parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles who were interned during WW2. 1992. Edited in 2002.

5) Japan Diary. Trip back to Japan with my parents to find out where my grandparents came from and documented in 1993. Edited in 2007.

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